• Kristin Konrad leads by example on how to build relationships with students.
  • students and staff on stage with curtain in the background. teacher holding an award.
    Congratulations to our music teacher Ms. Gina Haugen
    Ms. Haugen was awarded a certificate of recognition for her work with our students at the All Parents on Deck banquet. The students sang a song about friendship to celebrate.
  • Glenn Stephens Equity Vision
  • MMSD Annual Report on Progress
    Join us in celebrating our students' success
  • Movin' Minds
    Every morning, Ms. GG leads the whole school through a Movin' Minds practice where everyone practices mindfulness and relaxation. Students use these skills to help them learn throughout the day.
  • Learn about your child's report card
    Find resources to learn what the standards-based report cards are all about
  • Our School Garden
    One day a second grade Stephens student asked her mom, "why doesn't our school have a garden?" And that is all it took to get a handful of interested parents and staff members together to plan out how to put together a school garden at Stephens
  • Glenn Stephens Elementary School
    Glenn Stephens Elementary School

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