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Madison Metropolitan School District

About Us

Welcome to Glenn Stephens Elementary School!

Glenn Stephens is a vibrant elementary school serving approximately 580 students in 4-year-old kindergarten through fifth grade. Our student population is both culturally and economically diverse, bringing together children from six distinct geographic neighborhoods on the west side of Madison.

Committed to student learning, a staff of nearly 90 works interdependently to achieve common goals that have student success at their core. In Kindergarten through fifth grades in addition to our classrooms taught in English, we have a developmental bilingual program where our native Spanish speakers are able to learn literacy in Spanish and English. This is an exciting and growing program bringing up bilingual members of our community! Because we believe that learning should be a joyful experience, we strive to create a school filled with laughter, play, and fun where everyone feels connected to the school community and committed to its direction.

Our Equity Vision

We are educators in action who disrupt inequitable systems and affirm diverse identities.  We create a joyful, inclusive community with a  deep sense of belonging through anti-racist practices, a growth mindset, quality relationships, and high expectations.

group of students wearing matching stephens eagles shirts

Welcoming Schools

Our school is partnered with the National Welcoming Schools Program.

Check out the MMSD Welcoming Schools Website for more information!

Seedling School Certified

Green and Healthy Schools of Wisconsin Seedling School achievement logo

Green & Healthy Schools Wisconsin is a movement of schools, community partners, and state agencies working together to catalyze a culture of sustainability and wellness in all Wisconsin schools. We're excited to receive the the Seedling Badge as we continue our efforts as a school to reduce environmental impacts and costs, increase health and wellness, and improve environmental and sustainability literacy.

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School mission statement

The mission of the Glenn Stephens School Community is to engage all students in a developmentally appropriate and meaningful curriculum that leads to success in the areas of learning, behavior, and interpersonal relationships. Stephens puts the child first: culture, collaboration, core. Thru culture we focus on our Stephens climate as well as the many cultures that make up Stephens. We study race and equity and are learning to become a more culturally responsive school. Collaboration also has two meanings. We are working to collaborate as teacher teams to plan for our students as well as teaching students to collaborate in academic discussions. The core also has two meanings. The core are the academic standards to which we plan our lessons and the core is the child’s inner self that needs to learn our Movin’ Minds techniques