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Madison Metropolitan School District

Positive Behavior Supports

Our school wide expectations are Be SafeBe Responsible and Be Respectful. To set students for success, at the beginning of the school year, the PBS team coordinates a crash course where expected behavior in specific areas of the school is taught to all students. Throughout the school year, teachers teach and re-teach these expectations. Staff acknowledge students when they see students display expected behavior. Eaglets are handed out to students who are being safe, respectful and responsible throughout the school. Students' eaglets are collected in their classroom and when a class earns 10 eaglets they get an eagle egg. All classrooms add eagle eggs to our collection in the library. When the container fills up to the line, we have an all school celebration!

students outside with their arms around each others shoulders

For the month of February, our school focused on "Being Safe" schoolwide. Students are re-taught expectations for being safe. Teachers acknowledge students behavior by catching them doing safe things. Check out our "February Be Safe" video (created by Ms. Crawford, our School Social Worker and members of the Student Council).

February Be Safe - English

February Be Safe - Spanish

May Be Respectful - English

May Be Respectful - Spanish