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Welcome to Card Club!

For the last few years, when spring finally arrives, Mr. Ehrlich and Mr. Sullivan

have been running an after school card club for students in grades 2-5 who like to play collectible card

games such as Pokemon, Magic, etc. The club meets on Thursdays in the LMC from dismissal until 3:30.

Students have fun trading cards and playing games with peers with common interests. This year, we

have had over 60 students at each session – which is well over 10% of the student body at Stephens!

The LMC is abuzz with the thrill of trading and gaming!


Ehrlich and Sullivan playing magic   kids playing with pokemon cards   two boys playing magic

two kids looking at pokemon cards   Ehrlich and Sullivan playing a card in magic   boys with pokemon cards

girls with pokemon cards   entire group playing card game   

pokemon cards