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Madison Metropolitan School District

Academic Programming


Glenn Stephens students participate in many forms of assessment during their elementary school careers. Testing occurs in the areas of reading, writing, math, science and social studies and the results are used by our teachers to guide their daily instruction. Test results also assist us in setting school improvement goals which are designed to increase student success in the areas of learning, engagement and relationships.  Our third through fifth grade students participate in the Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Exam (WKCE) in November.  Our students who are English Language Learners take the ACCESS assessment to determine English Language proficiency in December and January. AIMSWEB, MONDO, PALS & Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) are also assessments our students take.


Computers are used to support and extend learning within the classroom. All school computers are fully networked. Laser printers, "quick-take" and digital cameras, and scanners are available. All students receive keyboarding instruction in the third, fourth and fifth grade classes. Each classroom has at least two computers, with additional computers housed in the school computer lab, accommodating weekly REACH (Reinforcement and Enrichment for All Children) classes. Students may use the INTERNET with parent permission and teacher supervision. Six classrooms have Interactive White Boards and growing numbers of Ipads.

Special Classes

Students receive instruction weekly from specialists in music, physical education, art, and computers/technology. Fifth graders may also participate in the strings program.