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Madison Metropolitan School District

Welcome to Stephens

Kindergarten Orientation 2022-2023

Memories of Kindergarten

Take a moment to try and remember your kindergarten experience.

Are your memories similar to these photos?

A group of kindergarten students
students doing classwork
a cirlce of students working on an activity
smiling students working on a numbers game

Let me introduce you to some of the adults you will be meeting in person soon!

  • Josh Reineking - Kinder Teacher
  • Carrie Turner- Kinder Teacher
  • Jorie Steffen - Kinder Teacher (bilingual)
  • Sarah Galanter-Guziewski - Principal
  • Steven Blue - Assistant Principal
  • Margo Benzschawel - School Secretary
  • Ingrid Tornbaum de Richter - Bilingual Resource
  • Amy Bennett - School Social Worker
  • Adan Vasquez - School Psychologist
  • Lindsey Johnson - Family Liaison


Students come via yellow school bus, walking or driving. All students enter through on the path to the left of the school. Then go in their assigned door. If you arrive after 7:30 am go in the front door. If you arrive after 7:35am you are considered tardy.

Google Maps areal image of Stephens Elementary School

Typical Day in Kindergarten includes...

Arrival Breakfast



Specials - Physical Education,, Art, Music, Library, CAMP

Well Rounded - Lunch, Recess, Choice Time, Mindfulness, & Quiet Time

classroom full of students working

Start of Day

Breakfast starts at 7:15am: All students have the opportunity to eat breakfast from school or bring a breakfast from home

Morning Meeting: Students and their teacher get together to build community, share a morning message, and preview topics and activities for the day


Whole group instruction includes three components:

  1. Language Comprehension - A high-interest read-aloud

  2. Foundational Skills - Language sounds and phonics instruction

  3. Writing - Handwriting, mechanics, and composition

Small group instruction may include:

  • Foundational skills work, writing, reading, expressive and receptive language instruction

Independent practice may include:

  • Writing, reading to self or a partner, Lexia (computer based), skill practice


Our Math Workshop is typically divided into three sections:

Number Corner: Students participate in calendar, number line, and fluency building activities on a daily basis

Whole Group and Small Group lessons: designed to meet kindergarten standards and support student areas of growth

Independent work: Dreambox and Curriculum Workplaces

Science and Social Studies

Science: Needs of Plants and Animals, Pushes and Pulls, and Sunlight and Weather. This will be new for us in 22-23

Outdoor Education: spending time in our garden

Social Studies: Inquiry practices and processes, wants and needs, geography, history

Specials Classes

  • One hour a week with Ms. Gallo in Art Class
  • Two half hours a week with Music with Ms. Haugen
  • Three half hours a week for Physical Education with Mr. Huggins or Mr. Hampton
  • One hour a week for CAMP (Creativity, Arts, Mindfulness, Projects) with Ms. Speich and 30 minutes in the library with the classroom teacher and Ms. Pavlik.
students playing at recess


30 minutes a day Dress for success!

What does Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) look like at Stephens?

  • Daily SEL lessons, community circles, and opportunities to practice SEL skills embedded across the curriculum

  • Integrated school-wide and classroom systems to support emotional regulation and social skills

  • SPARK hallway - a space for students to regulate during the day

  • What happens if my child struggles with social emotional skills at school? Students have access to personalized support through their classroom teacher, school psychologist, and school social worker

Stephens PTO

  • Strengthening relationships between families, teachers, and school

  • Events and Fundraising

  • Volunteer Opportunities

  • Kindergarten Play Dates

  • Facebook

two smiling students doing math work


Your Kindergartener is registered so they are a “returning student”. Every August you will “enroll” your child. Online enrollment opens on August 3rd.

Go to:

Questions? Email Margo at

Enrollment Day is Wednesday, August 17 from 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm (This is only for students not already enrolled)

Important Times


Breakfast: 7:15am
Start Time: 7:30 a.m.
Dismissal: 12:55 p.m.

Tuesdays - Fridays

Breakfast: 7:15am
Start Time: 7:30 am
Dismissal: 2:27 p.m.

4K Hours

Tuesday - Friday
AM Session: 7:30-10:33
PM Session: 11:14-2:27

What questions do you or your child have?

Email me at anytime:

See you soon!