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An Outdoor Learning Space

You may have noticed the appearance of a new path in front of our school this September. Right now the path may look like it leads to nowhere, but by next spring, these steps will take you to the new school garden at Stephens! Last spring, a second grade Stephens student asked a powerful question, "why doesn't our school have a garden?" That one question got the ball rolling and a garden is underway. A small group met last June to select a location and share preliminary ideas. A few people who were interested in planning the garden spent the summer gathering information from other school garden groups in our district and are now excited to get started.


Our hope is to establish the garden space this fall, work over winter with a committee to find grants or directly purchase the tools and infrastructure needed to make the garden successful, and complete the building process this spring just in time for planting. We envision a peaceful outdoor learning space filled with picnic tables, flowers, vegetables, birdhouses, art creations, and children excited to explore. Your time and talents are welcome and needed as we embark on this new project together. Please look for more information on ways to contribute and help in the coming year and watch our graden grow!


tree and scenery outside glen stephens     side of the building from outside     more outside scenery near glen stephens


For more information about the school garden or how to get involved, please contact:

Sachi Komai, Parent

Stephanie Chatelain-Taapken, Parent

Alyssa Sellwood, Parent