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Madison Metropolitan School District

Safety Patrol

The position of safety patrol is reserved for fifth graders who show they know how to be safe, respectful and responsible. It is a role that many younger students look up to. Patrols here at Stephens help out in a few different ways each day. Some each lunch with the kindergarten and first graders and help clean the lunch room by wiping tables and getting all the lunch baskets put away. They then play outside with the younger kids, and help the staff remind kids how we play on the playground. Other patrols line the sidewalk at the end of the day and help remind the passing students to walk and stay on the path. All of the patrols at Glenn Stephens are great role models and a very important part of the school community.

If you have any questions or want to know more about Safety Patrol, please contact Mr. Sean Deignan, smdeignan@madison.k12.wi.u

Safety Patrol kids in jackets
Safety Patrol students on swings in winter